Famagustians Today

The main institution of representation of Famagustians after their persecution from the city of Famagusta in 1974 is the Municipality of Famagusta which is activated since then, maintaining its provisional seat in Limassol.

Among all the responsibilities and duties of the Municipal Council is the maintenance of the memory of city to the new generations but also the desire and the passion of return to our beloved city of Famagusta. The Famagustians are scattered in more from 200 communities in Cyprus, but also in various corners of ground, from Australia up to America. This big dissemination of Famagustians, makes also the work of the Municipality difficult and with regard to the briefing of citizens on its various activities but also with regard to the efforts that overwhelm for maintenance of cohesion of the Famagustians.

Town Hall of Famagusta in Limassol Town hall of Famagusta in occupied Famagusta